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 The annual Cowspiel winners this year hailed for the most part from our own Club. Jim Bell, narrowly beat out the 3 game winner from the other draw to take home the spoils of several choice cuts of meat and of course the trophy. Jim's team this day included Greg Nelson at vice, Jeff Parson at second and Ray Leroux at lead.  Well done fellas.  Of course they couldn't have done it without the help of wanabee "Sociables" who added some fun to the event in the gallery.

Several big "Thank you's" to pass along.  Our own Randy Grant sponsored the event (Randy Paints).  Sponsorships like this really help make these bonspiels work.  Make sure to touch base with him if you need some painting done!  Derek Marques for not only organizing the day but for also scrambling during the last week to fill the draw. He managed to find the last team just a couple of days before the event. Sara Campbell organized a band of merry helpers in the kitchen to make and serve all the food. Of note, several visiting teams noted how surprised they were that we could have so many volunteers to help out at all of our spiels.  It is simply the way it works at our amazing Club.

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