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Evening League Spare Rule - effective Jan. 30, 2018

Effective January 30, 2018, the Spare Rule for Evening League Curling will be:

1.  The existing "new curler" rule that states a first or second year curler is not required to move up will continue.

2.  A spare will be able to play any position that is at least one down from the absent player.

3.  Only one player must move up, subject to the new curler rule.

  • For Example:     If the skip is absent, the spare may play vice, second or lead (skip's choice). 

                                      If the vice is absent, the spare can play second or lead.

                                      If the second or lead are absent, the spare plays lead.

4.  In the event that both the skip and vice are absent, the spares may fill the skip and second position as the second would move to vice, subject to the new curler rule.

5.  In the event that the vice and second are absent, the spares may fill the vice and lead position, as the lead would move to second, subject ot the new curler rule.

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